Virtual Salon on February 26th at 3pm

Is ‘Giving Up’ the same as ‘Letting Go’?

In this salon, we dive into Lent and the compromises we make, consciously and unconsciously

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*Previously recorded content – January 18th, 2023

Virtual Enrichment Courses

for Live Education! students

Offered by trained, experienced Waldorf teachers, our Virtual Enrichment Courses are designed to offer to homeschoolers a chance to engage in subject classes that one might encounter in a Waldorf school as well as bridging a connection to other Live Education homeschoolers. Classes will be limited in size and only offered to families using our Live Education curriculum.

Past Courses & Salon Topics Have Included…

Virtual Salon: Managing Choas with Love

In this rendition of our pop-up salon series, we will come together in community for a conversational focus on managing chaos with love. Our hope is that you come away from our meeting with some nuggets of wisdom to hold close, that may provide a sense of grace and peace in turbulent times…

Current Events & Critical Thinking
Making Joyful Music

Virtual Salon: Cultivating Colloquy

A live-stream space for cultivating a salon-like atmosphere and providing the community with a platform to consider world events, with the intent to discuss how we may empower a greater capacity for the resounding balm of hope and gratitude within ourselves and our children.

Seasonal Arts & Crafts
Exploring the Novel

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