The Founders: Rainbow and Bruce

Rainbow RosenbloomRainbow Rosenbloom founded Live Education! in the fall of 1997, after 12 years of working with homeschooling families and co-ops, both privately and within the public schools. He studied Waldorf Education at Emerson College in England and worked as a class teacher and a high school teacher in several Waldorf schools. Rainbow also helped to construct an innovative Waldorf charter school program in Monterey, CA and served as its director for 3 years. He has a BA in Philosophy from The University of Tulsa and a Masters degree in Education from Harvard, where he studied Multiple Intelligence Theory with Howard Gardner.

Bruce Bischoff

Bruce Bischof joined Rainbow in the beginning stages of Live Education! in 1998 as the principal writer and artist of the curriculum materials. He is the co-owner (with Rainbow) of Live Education!. Bruce has 14 years of experience as a Waldorf class teacher in addition to several years as a mentor to class teachers in a Waldorf charter school. He completed his Waldorf training from Rudolf Steiner College in 1983. He completed a masters degree in Philosophy and Humanities from California State University and holds a B.A. with honors in Philosophy from the University of California in addition to 2 years of formal training in Art History and 2 years of Music Theory. Bruce, the father of two children (now grown), resides with his wife Susan near Mt. Shasta in northern California.


Contributors and Consultants

Jen Rosenstein joined the Live Education team in early 2021 as a consultant. She and Rainbow have crossed paths many times over the last 20 years, and currently, they are involved in developing new and exciting offerings for homeschooling families. Jen has a long background in Waldorf Education teaching grades 1-8 multiple times in Waldorf Schools along the east coast. She was a founding kindergarten teacher at the St. Louis Waldorf School. She has also served as an instructor at Sunbridge Institute guiding teachers as they prepare for upcoming grades.

Jen has been developing a connection to homeschooling throughout her years as a class
teacher. For a few years, she homeschooled her own (now adult) child along with others, and
most recently, has been a virtual homeschool teacher for students of various ages. Jen has also been guiding parents in their homeschooling journeys over the last two years, both
independently, and as a coordinator for a few different schools. Her hope is to continue on this
path so that she can share her experiences with the broader homeschooling community.


Hello! I’m Catyana Maree, and who I am is a being of constant process; learning, integrating, and growing always. Foremost a lover of the world and of life, I can be found in all realms from philosophizing to land stewardship to drumming in a band (truly!) – at the core I am here to look on with care, lest the beautiful may be small. I have been homeschooling and experiencing life for 30 years, and have lived all over the contiguous US! I spent a lot of my youth in the Midwest, some later years in Portland, Oregon, and for the better part of a decade now have lived in California, which is how I initially came to meet Rainbow, introduced by mutual friends in Waldorf when I moved to Santa Cruz. I then began working with Live Education! in 2014 as an Administrative Aide and Curriculum Production specialist. The team herein has remained the most graceful cohort I’ve had the pleasure of working with, meeting me in kindness and a passion for bringing goodness to our communities.

David Darcy has been a class teacher, administrator, and homeschool consultant. He joined Live Education! in 2004 assisting Rainbow with Initial Consultations as well as continuing as one of our master teacher consultants working with families who opt for an extra-consulting package.

Emory John Michael is a former Waldorf Teacher who has taught children in England, Italy, and the United States. He holds a degree in Education from Skidmore College and trained as a Waldorf teacher at Emerson College in England, and at Dornach, Switzerland. Emory is the author of two books. His first book, Queen of the Sun, has been translated into nine foreign languages. His latest work is entitled the Alchemy of Sacred Living.

Mia Michael is a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher and has been a homeschooling mother. She lectures widely on Kindergarten rituals and celebrations.

Howard Schrager has been a Waldorf class teacher in both independent and public charter schools for over 25 years.

Daniel Bittleston is a Waldorf master teacher with over 20 years experience in California and England.