Information for Waldorf Schools, Charters, and Teachers


Site Licenses

We are happy to offer “Site licenses” to approved schools, thereby authorizing Live Education! materials to be used by entire faculties, year after year. Ordinarily, our materials are authorized as single-use by a family or a teacher. With a site license, we allow the curriculum to be passed along to faculty at a single school each year. In addition, owning a site license includes workshops, mentoring (both telephone and on site), and e-mail support. Workshops and on-site mentoring only require travel expenses, but our schedules do demand requests to be detailed well in advance of need. We do also offer emergency support; prices depend upon circumstances.

Finally, site licensed schools are represented when we travel and give workshops and presentations. This means that your school is mentioned to teacher trainees, homeschooling parents, and Waldorf teachers who are present during our talks and seminars. We talk about the schools briefly, always noting that curriculum support is important to each of these schools. We do recruit for each individual school as well; this service has an additional cost (only if a recruit is actually hired).

Site License Pricing

Our costs vary each year, depending upon our new offerings. The academic year 2021-2022 price is $4,995 USD + $495 shipping K-8. The price for a single grade is $595 USD + $65 shipping per grade ($125 international); please Contact Us for a consultation.

Charter Schools

Families working with a charter school for homeschooling support can order through their charter by having their educational consultant/facilitator send us a purchase order. We still prefer to receive a questionnaire, including $35.00 USD and an initial consultation, from such families (fee will be refunded to card used). This allows us the opportunity to customize materials and work with you directly. You will also be able to participate in our Community Center. Please note that we do not offer discounts for orders paid with a purchase order. Also, our curriculum is considered consumable and thus must stay with the family. We will not process orders for charter programs that insist on having materials returned by the family to them.

Usage of the Curriculum

Educational Consultants/Facilitators: Live Education! materials are considered consumable; we will not provide materials to schools who insist on having our curriculum returned to a resource center. We expect the materials we provide to be used by single families, who may be marking up the booklets; these are families who already know how to best use our materials and have worked with us individually. If you would like to order materials for a resource center, please contact us.

Teacher Discounts

Teachers in a Waldorf School who are not supported by their schools for curriculum resources may receive our materials at a discount. We do expect, however, that the materials will stay as part of the individual teacher’s library and not be shared by others. We offer the discount with the hope that the school will eventually opt for a site license after seeing how helpful our curriculum can be.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.