Virtual Salon Archive

How to Teach Less & Guide More

Independent study, joyous segues, and original research… a presentation and discussion led by Rainbow Rosenbloom for Live Education! families.

Contending with Brain Fog

Our patience can wear thin, our inspiration run dry, our clarity diminish… yet we still must be there for our children and model the necessary stability in a sometimes scary world. How can we channel strength and inspiration, allowing for the best part of us to shine, both for us and our children?

Managing Choas with Love

In this rendition of our pop-up salon series, we will come together in community for a conversational focus on managing chaos with love. Our hope is that you come away from our meeting with some nuggets of wisdom to hold close, that may provide a sense of grace and peace in turbulent times…

Cultivating Colloquy

A live-stream space for cultivating a salon-like atmosphere and providing the community with a platform to consider world events, with the intent to discuss how we may empower a greater capacity for the resounding balm of hope and gratitude within ourselves and our children.

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