Asela Zamorano’sfirst love is her son, whom she’s currently homeschooling. She is a trained Waldorf Class Teacher but has mostly taught as a Spanish teacher in Waldorf Schools. She weaves a beautiful mixture of music, language, and project-based learning into her lessons.

Wednesdays, 10:30-11:15 PT Mixed Ages!

Together we will joyfully immerse ourselves in the learning of the Spanish language using methods based on
how we learned our mother tongue. During the early grades the children will learn through the power of
imitation through their hands and by doing. Therefore, the lessons will be brought through real-life learning
and experiences and thus, the learning will be a tangible activity that will engage the children’s entire being
through experience and imagination. All grades will enjoy their journey of getting to know Spanish-speaking
cultures through song, stories, poetry, and even food thereby creating a feeling of familiarity with their new
language. After the early grades, we will happily embark on a more analytical experience of the language by
comparing and contrasting English grammar with that of Spanish. As we begin to develop a larger vocabulary
and general acquisition of the Spanish language, the children will enjoy beginning to read Spanish literature
that is rich with more gems from these Spanish speaking cultures and countries.

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Early Fall (9/27-10/24), Late Fall (10/25-11/21), Both Sessions (9/27-11/21)