Nikki Blume has been working in the Waldorf world for nearly a decade, and is extremely passionate about the wisdom and beauty of Waldorf education. She loved attending the Waldorf Institute of Southern California teacher preparation program, as well as the Waldorf Practical Arts Training program for woodwork and handwork, where she learned about child development and the Waldorf curriculum.


Saturdays beginning October 2nd, 11 -12 PT Mixed Ages *children 8 and younger may need parent support

This is an interactive, hands-on, practical course that will involve real-time artistic work connected to the seasons. Together, we will explore beeswax crayon drawing, wet-on-wet watercolor painting, and pastel chalk work through the grades. Parents are welcome to join, especially to help set younger students up with their materials.


Recommended, high-quality supplies include:

1. A set of beeswax block crayons and stick crayons

2. Drawing paper and/or a blank main lesson book and/or artists’ sketchpad (note: printer paper OK in a pinch but not ideal)

3. Liquid watercolors (set of 6 Stockmar primary colors; additional secondary colors OK for middle school), *pre-prepared before the lesson begins* (concentrate already mixed with water so painting jars are ready to go)

4. White watercolor painting paper (note: standard printer paper will definitely not work)

5. Natural hair bristle watercolor painting brush(es), ideally one large size 1″ or .75″ and one small size .5″ or .25″, both flat brush (round brush OK for middle school)

6. Painting board (or protected flat surface OK to get wet)

7. Small sea sponge and/or small cloth rag for painting

8. Set of artist’s pastels, including black charcoal

9. Masking tape (for making white tape borders)

10. Seasonal crafts materials: TBD

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Early Fall (9/27-10/24), Late Fall (10/25-11/21), Both Sessions (9/27-11/21)