Come experience all the joy of music from experienced Waldorf teacher and lifelong musician, Nicholas “The Bard” Andrea. This fall, we will begin offering two homeschool music courses: 

Sundays beginning October 3rd, 12-12:30 PT – Recorder for Grades 3+ 

In the history of music, recorder is an oft forgotten but very important instrument. For that reason, it has become one of the foundations of Waldorf grades education, and to learn to play this baroque-era flute well opens up many doors, musically. In this introductory recorder course, we will cover the following topics: 

  • • Recorder technique 
  • Scales and Key Signatures (up to two sharps and two flats depending on the group) 
  • • Learning songs by eye and ear; also written, depending on the group 
  • • Songs selected that are thematically consistent with the Live Ed homeschool curriculum 
  • • Recorder care 

I recommend a Yamaha soprano recorder to ensure accurate tuning. 

Sundays, 12:45-1:30 PT – Songwriting for Upper Grades 

Have you written a song? Or, wanted to but didn’t know how? If so, this class is for you. Mr. Andrea will demonstrate a number of songwriting techniques and examples using different instruments including flute, recorder, guitar, and voice. Weekly sessions will include an example from Mr. Andrea. However, students will be encouraged to bring their songs to demonstrate – this is a participatory class! Students should also have at least one chosen instrument, for example, guitar, ukulele, piano, or saxophone. This can also be solo voice! We will work with song that have lyrics and those that don’t. The possibilities are great, and we will work with whatever students bring. 

Students are also encouraged to attend the recorder class that will happen just prior to songwriting each Sunday. 

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Early Fall (9/27-10/24), Late Fall (10/25-11/21), Both Sessions (9/27-11/21)