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Begins February 12th and runs for 4 consecutive Fridays
Workshop Time: 11:30am-1:00p.m. PST

Presenter: Nicole (Nikki) Blume

Waldorf classrooms are renowned for their stunningly beautiful chalkboard images – but chalkboards don’t have to belong only in traditional Waldorf schools.


In this introductory art course, experienced Waldorf teacher, visual artist, and parent, Nicole (Nikki) Melinda Blume, will lead an overview of how to bring chalkboard art into your home that is specifically designed for the everyday Waldorf homeschooling parent – no advanced artistic skills necessary.


She will explore the purpose behind chalkboard art’s connection to storytelling and the imagination, demonstrate how to properly clean and prepare boards before use, provide a detailed recommended supplies list, and give specific advice and practical guidance to beginning teachers/chalkboard artists. While she will be demonstrating techniques on a standard large-scale classroom board for ease of filming, it is easy to create simply DIY chalkboards to use at home.


Over the course of four weeks, workshop participants will go on a journey through seasonal landscapes, realistic map making, framed borders, and simple chalk drawings of animals, people, and mythological figures. Even if you have never used chalk before in your life, you are welcome to participate. Chalk is a very forgiving and flexible medium, and Nikki has lots of suggestions for how to make easy yet beautiful images that will resonate in the hearts and imaginations of children throughout the Grades.