Live Education! respects the privacy of our customers and contacts. This page is designed to outline our policies regarding our customers’ and contacts’ personal information.
Our Policy
Why do we collect personally identifiable information?
We collect personally identifiable information in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of our families and members, and to provide excellent customer service, and convenient access to our internet order center, community center and other tools.
What information do we collect?
We collect information such as:
Contact information for Members of the family who are involved in the child’s education and/or upbringing.
We collect this information to facilitate communication between our members and our staff, and to facilitate access to the community and other services for our member families.
We collect credit card information from members when they choose to pay for an order with a credit card.
We collect this information to facilitate payment for orders and services. We keep this credit card information in an encrypted form on a secure server.
Who do we share personal information with?
Live Education! will not sell or trade personally identifiable information with any third parties without your permission.
If you join the Community Center, you will be required to agree to the Community Center’s privacy policy. If you choose to agree to the Community Center privacy policy, then your contact information will be available to you and other Community members in the Community directory.
How do we secure personal information?
We work very hard to make sure that any personal information that we store is protected through a number of safeguards and practices. These include password protecting access to your account and the Community Center and protecting sensitive information in transit by encrypting connections with our SSL certificate. While we cannot guarantee that personal information is absolutely secure, security is our highest priority.