Pricing Information

Standard Curriculum Prices
Kindergarten $425
First Grade $445
Second Grade $445
Third Grade $455
Fourth Grade $465
Fifth Grade $465
Sixth Grade $495
Seventh Grade $555
Eighth Grade $595
Domestic $65 per grade

International $125 per grade

Returning Family Discount (by request only)
* Discount only applies to families that have previously purchased the curriculum for the previous grade year
Multi-Package Discount (by request only) $100*
* We do not offer discounts for digital downloads or orders paid with a purchase order

Prices shown include curriculum, initial consultation fee, basic support (both telephone and e-mail), Community Center membership, and a Waldorf / homeschooling / artistic consultation later in the year. The initial consultation fee is $35.00 USD and will be refunded to the card it was purchased from if you order within 1 month of your initial consultation.

Homeschooling Support

All packages include basic support, both telephone, and email.

Email Support

Email Support includes membership in our Community Center, with access to our directory of families and our discussion forum. You may also e-mail short questions that you imagine could be answered in under a paragraph. Any in-depth discussions we prefer to have on the telephone or in person.

Telephone Consultations

Our telephone consultations include the initial consultation (for assessment purposes it is required), short discussions for any needs throughout the year, and a general conversation for homeschooling needs, Waldorf discussions, and artistic consultation. Consultations can be scheduled at any time, though we ask you for patience, as this can take up to a couple of weeks to arrange.


Live Education! accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express for immediate processing. Customers in the US may also send a check or money order, and we will ship your order or schedule your initial consultation upon receipt of your payment.



Live Education! has gone to great expense to create a website that accurately portrays the materials we provide. We expect each family to look carefully at the table of contents and sample lesson pages for each of the booklets in a particular grade, before placing an order.

We do not offer a return policy. Under unusual circumstances and at our discretion we occasionally allow returns; in such situations, we charge the Initial Consultation fee, shipping, and handling, and a 15% restocking fee.



We discount all packages for returning customers, families working together, multi-sibling orders, and large orders. We try to be as flexible as we can with our pricing; sometimes we can add an a la carte item with an order when it makes sense for the family. These individualized orders are priced according to many factors; we work this out in a conversation.Please note that we do not offer discounts for orders that are paid with a purchase order.


Waldorf Teacher Discounts

Lastly, we have special discounts for Waldorf teachers, though we prefer to have the schools themselves purchase our materials with site license authorization. More information for schools and charters can be found on our Site Licenses & Schools page.