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    I joined Live Education this summer (I am so very grateful for the materials!), but have not yet attempted to make contact on this forum. I have looked through the directory: this is such an interesting international community!! It would be nice to connect with other families and teachers on the Live Education journey. I thought I would post this to see if I get through:

    I am based in Spain (Costa Blanca close-ish to Alicante) and currently teach grades 2 and 4 to my 2 children. The children and I really enjoy Live Education and hope to carry on all the way through to grade 8. It would be nice to hear where other people are based and what grades you are currently teaching..?

    Not sure if this forum is the right place for this topic/question (admin please delete if not appropriate)..



    Josephine ArcherJosephine Archer

      Hello. Are you still using the curriculum? It looks as though not many families use this portal to communicate. I just bought it and have used the 4th grade in the past.

      Samantha BelinaSamantha Belina

        We also just bought, for 1st and 6th grades.  I will try to check back here often.  Nice to “meet” you!


        Elisabeth PiedeElisabeth Piede

          We are just getting into the curriculum this year with a combination of 1st grade and kindergarten. We are in the united states. It has been a struggle to balance all of the aspects of the two curriculum. I was curious about review and what the method is with first grade. I’m not sure if I missed it in the materials. I know it says an end of year review, but I did not see a way to do it. Thank you!

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