Introduction to the Arts in Waldorf Homeschooling— Virtual Seminar Module

Introduction to the Arts in Waldorf Homeschooling— Virtual Seminar Module

$150.00 ($100 for LE Families)


We will explore a different artistic medium each week— diving into the many ways that you can incorporate the arts into your Waldorf homeschooling program. Please note: this seminar is geared toward adults, it is not an art workshop for children.

Begins September 24 and runs for 5 consecutive Thursdays
Workshop Time: 11:00am- 12:30p.m. PST

Presenter: Nikki Blume

Week 1
Overview of the Significance of the Arts in Waldorf Homeschooling


An essential component of Waldorf education is the presence of the arts in every subject. We do this by infusing beautiful images and experiences into each lesson. The joy of creating a piece of work that captures the imagination lives within the soul of the child long after the lesson is taught.
Learn how to bring joy and intention into your child’s homeschool experience as we explore the many mediums and techniques practiced within the Waldorf framework.
In this introductory lesson, we will touch on why the arts are so essential to education.
We will also cover the materials your child will be using and why they matter, incorporating the arts into a daily rhythm, songs and verses that support the lesson, using stories to support development and ways we can support creative expression in our children.
Week 2
Images of the story- Drawing in Waldorf Homeschooling
For a Waldorf homeschooler, drawing based on story images is an essential part of each day in their education. Learn the techniques and philosophy behind the practice of drawing to support the comprehension of your early reader in this course. We will cover drawing techniques and using storytelling to generate images . We will also touch on how to choose stories based on your child’s developmental stage.
Week 3
Experiences in Color- Painting Through the Grades
  Waldorf supports a holistic approach to learning that encourages the natural development of the mind and spirit of the individual. The intent is to give young children an experience of color, not form. In this lesson we will be exploring wet on wet watercolor and how it is used in Waldorf education.
Week 4
Shaping the World- Molding Beeswax in the Waldorf Homeschool
“From bees this gift of gold is here for us to warm and hold.” Beeswax modeling is an intersection of storytelling, art and imagination. In Waldorf circles, the wax is an integral part of a child’s crafting and education. It is natural, safe and has such a soothing and beautiful smell. In this lesson, we will delve into the practice of beeswax molding to support the learning,focus and imagination we wish to cultivate in our children. We will begin working with animal shapes and other forms as we learn how to create a space for our children to connect to the world around them.
Week 5
Infusing the Seasons with Joy- Festivals and Seasonal Crafts
The Waldorf homeschool experience is marked by the observance and wonder of the passing season. The change of time is celebrated with many highly anticipated holidays and festivals, each of which carries their own wonderful practices and traditions. Here we will talk about the various ways that we can observe seasons and special days with crafts that reflect the wisdom of each time.