Celebrating Waldorf Homeschooling— Virtual Seminar Module

Celebrating Waldorf Homeschooling— Virtual Seminar Module

$75.00 ($50 for LE Families)


Workshop Dates: September 22-24th

Workshop Times: 9:30-10:30 a.m. PST

Presenter: Rainbow Rosenbloom

We begin with breaking down some paradigms such as the length of the school grade, the parent/teacher divide, dispensing and receiving information vs. bridge-building to the world, staying ahead and being behind, and many others that will arise during our interactive sessions.
We will come to a discussion of why the Waldorf model is the only K-8 approach that is built on connection vs. manipulation.
I shall introduce the healing archetypes that form the foundation of Waldorf curricula.
We will look at the inspiring rhythm of story digestion, recall, and original creative work that forms the foundation for the Waldorf inspired strategy and implementation for learning.
We will talk about techniques to building a pace of learning and independence that forms the uniqueness of Waldorf homeschooling.
We will explore the treasure of ‘the question’ as the primary tool in Waldorf homeschooling and learning about what truly lives in your child.
We shall together come to understanding the gift of sharing the “Aha” experience with your child, an abundance of moments often missed when you send your children off to brick and mortar schools.
And finally, we will begin to discover in gratitude all you will learn anew from your preparation to teach your child.