Literature, Grammar, Spelling, and Word Families


There is much composition writing throughout the year in the study of the stories from Hebrew culture. This book supplements that work in language arts with learning grammar, parts of speech, punctuation, letter writing, and furthering the study of phonics in application to spelling skills.

Writing Letters

This is a good year to introduce two basic forms of letters: the friendly letter, and the business letter.

In the third year the student is engaged in activities with house building and gardening. Sometimes supplies need to be ordered such as packages of seeds, twine or a gardening tools. Although it is probably more convenient simply to go to the store or order supplies by phone, for the sake of learning and practice, have the student make an order for supplies by writing the business letter. Notice how this is also an opportunity for teaching about the practical life skills in business as well as letter writing, for the student will have to itemize, add tax and shipping, total and subtotal the prices.

Another kind of business letter is a request. In this case the teacher could have her student write a series of letters requesting catalogs appropriate for various projects. The idea is to give the student practical life experience in this. A Waldorf class teacher engaged his class of students in a house building activity that was preceded with business letters to merchants in the local community requesting some of the construction materials to be used for the project.

Psalms, Proverbs and Riddles
Grammar, Spelling and Word Families


How to Master Spelling with the Elementary School Student 1

Four steps in Mastering Spelling 2

Visualization Exercises 8

The 19 Vowel Sounds 10

Introducing Grammar 15

The Four Basic Parts of Speech 16

Adjectives and Adverbs 19

Three Basic Parts of the Sentence 21

Four Kinds of Sentences 23

Exclamations in the Psalms 24

God’s Questions to Job 25

Yahweh’s Imperatives 26

Statements in the Book of Kings 27

Punctuation as Gesture 28

Writing Letters 29

Riddles to Solomon 30

Riddles on People in the Bible 32

The Psalms 35

Proverbs 38