Introduction to the Fifth Year / Teaching North American Geography


This overview book shows the teacher how to organize the entire year as well as each school day. It also contains lists of art supplies and reading lists for the student. The section on teaching North American geography gives the teacher suggestions and activities for the student for teaching a three week block on the various regions of the North American continent.

A Sample Block Rotation for the Year

First Semester
September to the end of January

  • Sept. – Introduction to Geometry (3 weeks)
  • Sept./Oct. – Ancient India (3 weeks)
  • Oct. – Botany (Life Science): Fungi, Ferns, Algae, Conifers (3 weeks)
  • Oct./Nov. – Ancient Persia (3 weeks)
  • Nov./ Dec. – North American Geography (3 weeks)
  • Dec. – Math Practice with Decimals (2 weeks)
  • 2 week winter break at this time

Second Semester:
February through June

  • Feb. – Ancient Mesopotamia (3 weeks)
  • Feb./Mar. – Geometry, Graphs, Estimation (4 weeks)
  • Mar./April – North American Geography II (3 weeks)
  • April/May – Ancient Egypt (3 weeks)
  • 2 week spring break at this time
  • May – Botany II: Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons (3 weeks)
  • June – The Greek Myths: with Homer’s Odyssey (3 weeks)
  • The Fifth Year Student
  • Your Live Education Books
  • Source Books Needed
  • Block Rotation: Organizing the Year
  • The Daily Schedule
  • The Block of Study for the Year
  • A Sample Block Rotation for the Year
  • Organizing the School Day
  • Opening Activities
  • Review Time
  • The Lesson Presentation and Activity
  • Materials Needed for Teaching
  • Art Supplies
  • Reading Lists
  • Appendix: On Teaching North American Geography
  • Material to Include on the Overview of a Region
  • Main Lesson Activities
  • An Overview of the Main Regions
  • Suggestions for Topics and Biographies