Humanity on Earth – Shelter, Clothing, Farming


This book consists of hands-on practical activities for the students in learning to build simple shelters, hammering and sawing wood, planting a garden, grinding grain, baking, making butter or cheese, building a loom, learning the rudiments of weaving, etc. Yet it also is a study of the science of natural resources, such as house building materials and how they are procured, nature’s cycles in relationship to the creation of soil and the growing of crops, how fibers such as cotton, linen, and silk are produced, etc. This block also constitutes a cultural study of the peoples of the earth through the foods they eat, the dwellings in which they live, and the clothing they wear.

Humanity’s Shelters

Humanity’s Shelters Following the study of structures found in the stories from the Bible such as the Ark, the Temple, and the Sukkot, we will enter into the study of Humanity’s Dwellings. We will also build some simple structures of our own and also study the dwellings made by animals.

The examples show how the student could lay out pages of his main lesson book for the section of his book on Humanity’s Shelters. Usually two to four sentences per day along with the illustration can be accomplished by most students in an hour —give or take 20 minutes. Notice how the side by side pages are integrated artistically.

Some Types of Houses to Research for Teaching this Block

  • Log Cabins
  • Moroccan or Bedouin Sheepskin Tents
  • Eskimo or Inuit Igloos
  • Afghanistan Yurts
  • English Thatched Straw House
  • Adobe and Pueblo of the southwestern United States
  • Teepees of the North American Plains Indians
  • Sod Houses of the North American Plains
  • Ethiopian Grass huts/ California Ohlone Indian tule houses
  • Cappadocian Stone Caves
  • Iranian Mudhifs (marsh dwellings made of reeds)
  • Stone Castles of Europe (or stone block houses)
  • Stilt Houses in South East Asia
  • Practical Activities and the Nine Year Change
  • Organizing the Year
  • The Daily Story
  • Example of Developing a Story for the Main Lesson Presentation

Shelters and Dwellings

  • Getting Started with Shelters and Dwellings: The First Lessons
  • Shelters and Dwelling in the Bible
  • Suggestions for the Student’s Lesson Book
  • Noah’s Ark
  • God’s Dwelling Among the Children of Israel: Ark and Tabernacle
  • Sukkot
  • Solomon’s Temple
  • Animal Houses
  • Simple Backyard Shelters
  • Humanity’s Shelters


  • Introducing Farming
  • Illustrations and Depictions
  • The Story of Wheat
  • Rice, Barley, and Corn
  • The Olive
  • Ideas for Painting and Drawing
  • Cows
  • Butter and Bread
  • Sprouts and Herb Gardens

Fibers and Weaving

  • Introduction
  • Tapestry
  • Getting Started
  • Silk, Wool, Linen, and Cotton
  • The First Weaving Project
  • Spinning Wool