Drawing Simple Animal Forms


This is an instructional book for the teacher for learning how to draw animals in crayon, color pencil, and watercolor paint. It will be useful for teaching grades two through five and shows the teacher how to lead the student in a gentle way to hone their drawing skills.

Owl and Moon

Look at the two simple forms that create the body of the owl. The head is a simple oval shape with two tufts of feathers that form the horns. The body is a slim egg on end. The scene can be painted or drawn. After forming the shape of the owl and the limbs of the tree, the background moon is carefully filled in. The contrast between the bright moon and the silhouette of the owl and tree make this drawing quite effective.

  • Drawing Simple Animal FormsContents
  • Introduction
  • Technique
  • Three Archetypal Forms
  • Owl and Moon
  • Birds from Eggs and Ovals
  • The Fish form
  • Oval and Kidney Forms
  • The Great Blue Heron
  • Canine and Rodent
  • Deer in the Forest
  • Animal Heads
  • The Cow
  • Goat, Sheep and Pig
  • The Elephant
  • Monkey and Elephant
  • Lions
  • Horses
  • Zebra