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Introduction to Live Education! Waldorf Homeschooling

Live Education! produces homeschooling supplies for families and institutions inspired by a Waldorf perspective. Designed for students from kindergarten through eighth grade, our curricula is created to cultivate creativity, intelligence and imagination.

What People Are Saying

LIVE Ed! has liberated me from the hours I used to spend attempting to use a multitude of curricula. This year, I was able to deeply immerse myself in the joys that your detailed curriculum delivers, without needing to reach for anything else.

The Sokalski Family

I have always been so deeply grateful for the quality and beauty of your Live Ed material and your personal guidance in the early years.


I had feared that for two active boys it would be difficult for them to bring the necessary focus to geometry lessons – but my happy experience has been that these lessons actually help them to settle down, focus and concentrate and we invariably have a more peaceful and pleasant time on the geometry afternoons.


I am LOVING reading and getting inspired by your Live Education third grade books.  They are so full of stories and information, history, true knowledge, and beautiful artwork.  They inspire me to spin off in certain directions, and then come back to the books.  There are truly none other like them that I have found, and for that I am so grateful to get to use them. Thank you!


We used the curriculum from pre K thru 8th grade and continued homeschooling thru high school years. The foundation formed by your curriculum formed beauty and exponential growth in all four of my homeschooled children.


Live Education! Talks

Listen in as Rainbow and Midwife Aleks discuss the effects of the pandemic on children and how best to tackle home schooling for those that never considered it an option.

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If you need help or have any other questions, please email us or call: 831-688-4473.

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