Table of Contents

From the book: China Ancient and Modern: Geography, History and Culture

Table of Contents


Timeline of Chinese History 1

Pan Ku: The Chinese Story of Creation 3

Fu Hsi: Cultural Beginnings 4

The Book of Changes 6

Confucius and the Cultural Revolution 9

Confucius: His Life 11

Confucius: His Teachings 14

Taoism: Lao Tzu 17

Rudolf Steiner on the Nature of the Chinese Mind 22

The Geography of China 23

Map of China 24

Geography Activities 27

The Period of the Warring States 29

Qu Yuan the Poet 29

The Poet: a Short Story by Herman Hesse 31

The First Emperor 36

The Great Wall 39

Perspective Drawing Activity 40

Chinese Inventiveness 43

Buddhism and the Silk Road: Bodhidharma Comes to China 45

Bodhidharma and Chan Buddhism 48

The Ox Herding Pictures 50

Times of Prosperity: The Tang and Song Dynasties 52

Li Po: China’s Greatest Poet 52

Chinese Poetry and the Tang Dynasty 54

Painting in the Song Dynasty 55

The Mongols: the Yuan Dynasty 62

Dynasties of the Modern Era: the Ming and Manchu 65

The Last Emperor 67

Founding the Republic of China 69

The Northern Expedition 70

The Long March 71

Japan Invades 72

The People’s Republic: China Under Mao 74

The Great Leap Forward 76

The Cultural Revolution 77

Quotes from Mao’s Little Red Book 78

Lesson Activites for Twentieth Century China 80

Deng Xiaoping: China After Mao 82

Tiananmen Square: June 1989 83

Contemporary China 84

Bibliography 87