Table of Contents

From the book: Introduction to the Sixth Grade Year




Source Books Needed for the Year                                                      1


Materials Needed for the Sixth Grade                                                   2


Art Supplies for the Lessons                                                                 4


Water Color Painting Supplies                                                              5


Main Lessons and Block Rotation                                                         6


A Sample Block Rotation of Main Lessons                                           7


The 6th Grade Daily Schedule in a Waldorf School                                8


Historical Geography                                                                            9


Organizing the Daily Main Lesson at Home                                           10


The Opening Activities                                                                          11


The Review Time                                                                                  13


The Lesson Presentation                                                                       14


The Lesson Activity                                                                              14


Morning and Closing Verses                                                                 15


Reading List                                                                                         16


            Understanding the Sixth Grade Child                                                     19