Table of Contents

From the book: Introduction to the Seventh Grade Year

Introduction to the Seventh Grade

Table of Contents



The Live Education Books for Seventh Grade                           1


Materials Needed                                                                     5


Water Color Painting Supplies                                                  6


Materials Needed for Physics                                                   9


Main Lessons and Block Rotation                                             10


Block Rotation for the Year                                                      11


After Main Lesson Practice Periods                                          12


The Four Parts of the Daily Main Lesson                                   12


Suggestions for Opening Activities                                             14


The Review of the Previous Lesson                                           16


The Lesson Presentation                                                           17


The Lesson Activity                                                                  17


Opening and Closing Verses                                                     18


Understanding the Seventh Grade Student                                 19


Between Twelve and Fourteen: Pubescence                              19


The Adolescent Years                                                              22


            Reading Lists                                                                            27