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From the book: Animal Fables from Around the World

Animal Fables From Around the World



Fables from Aesop

            The Lion and the Mouse                                                           1

            The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing                                                    2

            Juno and the Peacock                                                               2

            The Frogs and the Mice                                                            3

            The Horse and the Overloaded Ass                                          3

            The Hare and the Tortoise                                                        4

            The Fox and the Stork                                                              5

            The Fox and the Ass                                                                 5

            The Fox and the Crow                                                              6

            The Peacock and the Crane                                                      6

            The Cock and the Fox                                                              6

            The Mice in Council                                                                  7

            The Oak and the Reed                                                              8

            The Dog and His Shadow                                                         8

            The Lion, the Tiger, and the Wolf                                              9

            The Lion and the Three Bulls                                                     9

            The Mouse and the Weasel                                                       10

            The Ant and the Grasshopper                                                   10

            The Country Mouse and the City Mouse                                   11

            The Fox and the Grapes                                                           12

            The Wind and the Sun                                                              13

            The Shepherd's Boy and Wolf                                                  14

            The Crow and Pitcher                                                               14

            The Tortoise and the Two Ducks                                              15

            The Ass Carrying Salt                                                               15

            The Olive Tree and the Fig Tree                                                16

            The Panther and the Shepherds                                                 16

            The Partridge and the Fowler                                                    17

            The Ant and the Dove                                                               17

            The Gnat and the Bull                                                               17

            The Eagle, the Cat and the Wild Sow                                        18

            The Wolves and the Sheepdog                                                  18

            The Ass and the Lapdog                                                           19


Fables by Tolstoy

            The Mouse under the Granary                                                   20

            Birds in a Net                                                                           20

            The Raven and his Young                                                         21

            The Hedgehog and the Hare                                                     22

The Duck and the Moon                                                           23


Fables by Lessing

            The Wolf, a Hero                                                                     24

            The Goose                                                                               24

            The Oak and the Pig                                                                 24

            The Donkeys                                                                            25

            The Sparrows                                                                           25

            The Wild Apple Tree                                                                26

            The Bramble                                                                             26

            The Archer and his Bow                                                           26

            The Bear and the Elephant                                                        26

            Jupiter and the Horse                                                                27

            The Nightingale and the Peacock                                              28

The Ostrich                                                                              28

            The Wolf and the Shepherd's Dog                                            28

            The Benefactors                                                                       29

            The Old Stag and the Young Stag                                             29

            Solomon's Ghost                                                                      29

            The Sheep and the Swallow                                                      30

            The Ox and the Stag                                                                 30

            The Lion and the Hare                                                              30


African Fables

            The Hedgehog and the Dog                                                      31

            The Clever Ape and the Foolish Wolf                                       31

            The Cat and the Rat                                                                  32

            The Guinea Fowl and the Hen                                                   33

            The Frog's Saddle Horse                                                          34

            The Rat and the Toad                                                               35

            The Man and the Crocodile                                                      35

            The Wren and the Camel                                                          37


Fables from India

            The Washerman's Jackass                                                        38

            The Cat who Served the Lion                                                   39

            The Terrible Bell                                                                       39

            The Black Snake and the Golden Chain                                    40

            The Lion and the Old Hare                                                       40

            The Ass in a Tiger's Skin                                                          41

            The Weaver Birds and the Monkeys                                         42

            The Dyed Jackal                                                                       43

            The Hermit and the Mouse                                                        44

            The Peacock, the Crow and the Tortoise                                  44

            The Lawsuit                                                                              45

            The Peacock and the Tortoise                                                   46

            The Lean Cat and the Fat Cat                                                   47

            The Ape and the Boar                                                              48

            The Fox and the Piece of Meat                                                 49

            The Hen and the Falcon                                                            50

            The Tortoise and the Geese                                                      50

            How the Turtle Saved his own Life                                            51

            The Crab and the Crane                                                           52

            The Banyan Deer                                                                      54