Table of Contents

From the book: Folk and Fairy Tales for the Kindergarten


Introduction                                                                            1

The Bremen Town Musicians                                                  2

Briar Rose                                                                               5

Chicken Licken                                                                       8

The Crystal Mountain                                                             10

The Elves and the Shoemaker                                                12

The Fairy People and the Housewife                                      14

The Gingerbread Boy                                                              15

The Hut in the Forest                                                              17

Jack and the Beanstalk                                                           21

Jolly Cottontail and the Little Tar Man                                  30

Little Redcap                                                                           34

The Little Tree Who Longed for Leaves                                 37

Mother Holle                                                                           39

The Queen Bee                                                                        41

The Pancake                                                                           42

Rumpelstiltskin                                                                        45

The Sheep, the Fox, and the Wolf                                           47

The Snowdrop                                                                         48

The Snowflake and the Leaf                                                   49

The Spindle, the Shuttle, and the Needle                                50

The Star Money                                                                       53

The Stone in the Road                                                             54

The Three Bears and the Old Woman                                     56

Three Billy Goats Gruff                                                          58

Three Little Pigs                                                                     59

The Ugly Duckling                                                                  62