Table of Contents

From the book: World History

Introduction                                                                              1

Suggested Lesson Plan                                                             2

Lesson: Imperialism                                                                  3

Colonization of Africa                                                               5

Lesson: Mahatma Ghandi and the Liberation of India                 7

Lesson: Universal Human Rights                                                13

Champions for Human Rights                                                    14

Lesson: Einstein and Relativity                                                   17

The Formula for Energy                                                            19

An Example of Relativity                                                           20

Lesson: Totalitarian Governments                                              21

Characteristics of Totalitarianism                                               22

Lesson: The American Bill of Rights                                          23

Lesson: The Fable of Animal Farm (A Retelling)                        24

The Pig Napoleon                                                                     29

Lesson: The Russian Revolution                                                32

The Marxist Theory of History                                                  35

Criticisms of Marxism                                                               36

Stages of History According to Marxism                                   37

A Threefold Commonwealth                                                     38

A Semi-Revolution: Robert Frost                                              39

Lesson: Stalin and his Regime                                                    41

Life in Stalinist Russia                                                                43

Lesson: The World at War 1914-1918                                     45

Lesson: World War II                                                               48

Nazi Bureaucracy and Eichmann                                               50

Lesson: Lights Shining in the Darkness                                       51

Comparative Speeds of Transport                                             54

Lesson: Scientific Discovery and Technological Innovation         55

Inventions of the Twentieth Century                                           56

Lesson: Environmental Awareness and Rachael Carson             57

Lesson: The Discovery of the Unconscious                                59

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (A Retelling)       61

Lesson: Surrealism and Modern Art                                          67

Lesson: The Discovery of Consciousness                                  69

Appendix: Timeline of Events                                                    70

Bibliography                                                                             71