Table of Contents

From the book: From Moving and Speaking to Writing and Reading

From Moving and Speaking

to Writing and Reading


Beginning to Write the Letters 1

Beginning with the Consonants 3

The Story of Proud Prince Pumpernickel 5

The Story of Jack the Jolly Jumping Jester 7

Examples of Main Lesson Illustrations 11

Lesson Plan for Introducing the Letters 12

Introducing the Vowels 16

Pure Vowel Sounds 18

Short Vowels, Long Vowels, and Modified Vowels 19

Introduce These Vowels Sounds this Year 20

Finding Images and Writing Your Own Stories 21

Writing the First Reader 24

Reading the Printed Word 28

Introducing Small Printed Letters 28

Further Development of Skills with Phonics 29

Beginnings and Endings 30

Word Families 31

Short Vowels 32

Long Vowels 34

R Modified Vowels 36

Sight Recognition Words and the Big One Hundred 37