Table of Contents

From the book: Chemistry


First Considerations 1

How The Lessons are Organized 2

Equipment and Materials Needed 3

Topic: Introduction to the Subject 4

Topic: Chemical Symbols 7

Section I: Combustion 10

Topic: From the Buddha’s Fire Sermon 12

Lesson Activities 14

Demonstration: Combustion as Transforming Fire 14

Demonstrations: Chemical Processes in the Candle 15

Topic: Prometheus, Bringer of Fire 16

Demonstrations: Chemical Processes in the Candle 17

Demonstration: The Light of Intelligence 19

Lesson Activities 20

Demonstration: Oxidation as Combustion 21

Section II. The Salt-Forming Process 22

Topic: The Chemistry of Quicklime and Mortar 23

Topic: The Chemistry of the Limestone Cycle 26

Lesson Activities 27

Topic and Demonstration: Chemical Processes in the Limestone Cycle 27

Topic: Acid Rain 28

Topic and Demonstrations: Acids, Bases, Salts 30

Lesson Activity: Acids and Bases 32

Topic: Sodium Chloride 33

Section III: Solutions, Solvents, and Catalysts 34

Topic: Water as Universal Solvent and Catalyst 34

Lesson Activities 36

Topic: Thales, Water at the Beginning 38

Topic with Demonstration:

Density of Liquids, Grease Fires and Oil Spills 40

Demonstration: Density of Liquids and Matter 42

Demonstration: The Action of a Solvent 42

Demonstration: The Action of a Catalyst 43

Demonstration: Electrolysis and the Components of Water 44

Topic: The Nitrogen Cycle 46

Final Word 48

Bibliography 49