Table of Contents

From the book: Revolutionaries and Romantics

Revolutionaries and Romantics

Introduction 1

On Teaching, Presentation, and Method 2

Some Important Dates in Modern European History 5

The Birth of the Modern Era 6

Medieval Freedom to Baroque Absolutism 9

The Court of Louis XIV 15

Puritan and Anglican England

Civil War, Restoration, Glorious Revolution 20

The Enlightenment and Jonathan Swift 23

Peter and Catherine the Great 25

The Great Earthquake at Lisbon 26

The French Revolution 27

Bastille Day 29

The Declaration of the Rights of Man 31

Jean Paul Marat 32

Napoleon Bonaparte 34

Progress, Invention, and Steam Power 43

Steel 46

The Factory City 47

Notes on Working Conditions in the Factories 50

The Romantic Movement 54

Ludwig Van Beethoven 54

William Wordsworth 60

William Blake 63

Goethe and Cognitive Imagination 68

Bibliography 71