Table of Contents

From the book: The Age of Exploration and Discovery

The Age of Exploration and Discovery

Table of Contents

Introduction: the Seventh Grade Child

Lesson One: Viking Explorers; Eric the Red and Leif Ericsson

Lesson Two: Travels of Marco Polo

Lesson Three: Age of Discovery Gets Underway

Lesson Four: Prince Henry the Navigator; the Slave Trade

Lesson Five: Bartholomew Diaz

Lesson Six: Vasco da Gama

Lesson Seven: Vasco da Gama continued; the Results of the Spice Trade

Lesson Eight: Europe Finds America; Christopher Columbus

Lesson Nine: Columbus' Voyages

Lesson Ten: Treaty of Tordesillas; Amerigo Vespucci; Foods of the Americas

Lesson Eleven: Ferdinand Magellan

Lesson Twelve: The Conquistadors; Cortez and the Conquest of Mexico

Lesson Thirteen: Cortez continued

Lesson Fourteen: Conclusion of the Conquest of Mexico; After the Conquest

Lesson Fifteen: Balboa; Orellana and the Amazon Voyage

Lesson Sixteen: Pizarro and the Inca Empire of Peru

Lesson Seventeen: Pirates and Buccaneers of the Spanish Main

Lesson Eighteen: Cabeza de Vaca

Lesson Nineteen: Cabeza de Vaca continued; Spanish Legacy in the Americas

Lesson Twenty: Review Questions