Table of Contents

From the book: Geometry and Number

Geometry and Number:

An Introduction from the Ancient World

Math for the Fifth Year


Math Goals in the Fifth Year

Materials Needed

Lesson 1: An Introduction

Freehand Renderings and Constructions with a Straight edge

Shading from the Periphery

Shading from the Center

Intersections and Outlines

Lesson 2: The Nature of Straight Lines

Lesson 3: Points and Rays

Lesson 4: Euclid; Discovering Triangles

Lesson 5: Earth Measure--the 3,4,5 Triangle

Lesson 6: Angles and Degrees

Lessons 7, 8, and 9 Triangle Designs; Interior Angles

Lessons 10, 11, and 12: Triangles, Circles and Earth Measure

Thales, Hipparchus, and Eratosthenes

Lesson 13: Discovering Quadrilaterals

Lessons 14 and 15: Designs with Squares and Rectangles

Lesson 16: The Parallelogram

Lesson 17: The Pentagon and Hexagon

Lesson 18: Straight Lines Create Curved Lines

Lessons 19 and 20: Circles and Ellipses, Mysterious Pi

Lesson 21: Prime Numbers The Sieve of Eratosthenes

Lesson 22 and 23: Pythagoras and the Nature of Number

Lesson 24: Babylonian and Egyptian Numbers

Lesson 25: Modern Binary Numbers

Lessons 26 and 27: Averages, Mean, Median, and Mode

Lesson 28: The Art of Estimation

Lessons 29 and 30: Multiplication Number Magic