Table of Contents

From the book: The Culture of Ancient Egypt

Lessons for Teaching Ancient Egypt


From the Egyptian Book of the Dead 1

Introduction 2

The Main Lesson 3

Ancient Egypt a Land of Mystery 5

Life in Ancient Egypt 8

The Pyramids 10

Hieroglyphics and the Rosetta Stone 13

Mummies and Embalming 19

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses 20

Hymn to Ra 27

The Major Myths 28

The Creation of the World 28

The Terror of Sekmet 29

The Birth of Isis and Osiris 30

Ra's Secret Name 32

The Treachery of Set 33

The Devotion of Isis 34

Horus, the Avenger of Osiris 37

Egyptian Proverbs 40

The Egyptians Mysteries 41

Bibliography 44