Table of Contents

From the book: Beowulf


Angles, Saxons

Celts and Danes

Introduction to Beowulf...1

Synopsis of the Story...2


Beowulf, Alliteration and the Elementary Grade Student...5

Alliterative Passages from Beowulf...7

Lesson Presentations for a Three Week Block...10

Lesson Activities...11

The Main Lesson Book...12

Drawing and Painting Activities...15

The Seafarer...18

Three Alternative Activities...20

Anglo-Saxon Kennings...21

Anglo-Saxon Riddles...22

The Celts...26

The Druids...28

Celtic Knotwork...30

A Beowulf Drama...35

Lesson Plan

Week One: Lesson Topics

Lesson 1: Prologue

The Attack of Heorot by Grendel

The Coming of Beowulf to Heorot

Lesson 2: The Feast at Heorot

The Fight with Grendel

Lesson 3: Celebration at Heorot

Lesson 4: Grendel's Mother Attacks

Lesson 5: Beowulf Attacks the Mother of Grendel

Week Two: Lesson Topics

Lesson 6: Celebration Again at Heorot

Lesson 7: Beowulf Returns Home

Lesson 8: Beowulf and the Dragon

Lesson 9: Beowulf Attacks the Dragon

Lesson 10: Last Words and Funeral

Week Threee: Lesson Activity: daily practice of parts from the Beowulf drama

Week Three: Lesson Topics

Lesson 11: The Seafarer

Lesson 12: Anglo-Saxon Riddles

Lesson 13 Anglo-Saxon Kennings

Lesson 14: Celts and Druids

Lesson 15: Knotwork