Table of Contents

From the book: Hebrew Myths and Culture - Prophets and Kings


Getting Started---How to Use this Book p.1

Celebrations Through the Year p.2

Rosh Hashanah p.3

Yom Kippur p.5

Sukkot p.7

Hannukkah p.8

Purim p.13

Passover P.14

Shavuot P.16

Learning the Hebrew Alphabet p.19

Form Drawing p.22

Joshua, Samson, Ruth p.27

Samuel, Saul, and David p.30

Women of the Bible p.34

Solomon to the Division of the Kingdom p.39

Elijah and Elisha; the Fall of Jersusalem p.43

Daniel, Jonah, Isaiah p.47

God's Wrath p.47

The Book of Job p.52