Table of Contents

From the book: Literature, Grammar, Spelling, and Word Families

Psalms, Proverbs and Riddles
Grammar, Spelling and Word Families


How to Master Spelling with the Elementary School Student 1

Four steps in Mastering Spelling 2

Visualization Exercises 8

The 19 Vowel Sounds 10

Introducing Grammar 15

The Four Basic Parts of Speech 16

Adjectives and Adverbs 19

Three Basic Parts of the Sentence 21

Four Kinds of Sentences 23

Exclamations in the Psalms 24

God's Questions to Job 25

Yahweh's Imperatives 26

Statements in the Book of Kings 27

Punctuation as Gesture 28

Writing Letters 29

Riddles to Solomon 30

Riddles on People in the Bible 32

The Psalms 35

Proverbs 38