Table of Contents

From the book: Hebrew Myths and Culture - Creation and Patriarchs

Teaching Hebrew Culture Creation and Patriarchs


Getting Started---How to Use this Book p.1

A Typical Day in Waldorf Homeschool p.2

The Organization of the Third Year p.3

An Outline of Lessons for 16 weeks p.4

Choosing Sources p.8

Painting the Seven Days of Creation p.9

A Way to Approach the Stories of the Bible:

Text, Midrash, Commentary and Legend

Authorship of the Torah p.18

The Value of the Legends p.20

The Roles of the People in the Bible p.25

Examples of Text and Illustration in the Lesson Book p.27

What a Main Lesson Book Looks Like p.29

Teaching Poetry with Biblical Themes p.30

How to Introduce the Poems p.31

Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel p.33

Noah, Nimrod, Abraham p.36

Shaded Drawing Illustrations for the Lesson Book p.39

Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac p.44

Rebekah, Jacob, Esau, Joseph p.49

Joseph and Pharaoh p.52

The Early Life of Moses p.53

The Exodus p.58