Table of Contents

From the book: Time, Weight, Measure and Money - The Math of Practical Life


The Study of Measure 1

Introducing the Study of Measure 2

Beginning With Time 5

The Year and its Months 6

Calendars 8

The Sundial 10

Water Clock 11

The Scale of Time 12

Adding and Subtracting Time 14

Time Zones 15

Moon, Solstice, Equinox 16

Poetry for the Months of the Year 17

Linear Measure 20

Getting Started in the First Week 22

Four Steps in the Daily Lesson 22

The Foot 23

Lesson Activities Using Linear Measure 26

Finding Averages and Rounding 27

Cubits, Miles, and House Measure 28

Floor Plan of a House 29

Measure Large and Small 30

Multiplication and Division 31

Biblical Measure and Activities 34

Money and Trade 36

Obsidian and Animals 38

Solomon and Sheba 39

Coins, Goods, and Money 40

The Cost of Building and Planting 42

Weight 43

The Balance Scale 44

Grains, Carats, Nails, and Pennies 45

Dry Measure and the Farm 46

Fluid Measure and the Kitchen 47

Units of Measure 48

Math Goals for the Third Year 50

Appendix: Rhythmical Times Tables Exercises 50