Table of Contents

From the book: Humanity on Earth - Shelter, Clothing, Farming

Table of Contents

Practical Activities and the Nine Year Change 1

Organizing the Year 3

The Daily Story 4

Example of Developing a Story for the Main Lesson Presentation 4

Shelters and Dwellings

Getting Started with Shelters and Dwellings: The First Lessons 6

Shelters and Dwelling in the Bible 8

Suggestions for the Student's Lesson Book 11

Noah's Ark 12

God's Dwelling Among the Children of Israel: Ark and Tabernacle 15

Sukkot 18

Solomon's Temple 20

Animal Houses 22

Simple Backyard Shelters 24

Humanity's Shelters 27


Introducing Farming 32

Illustrations and Depictions 34

The Story of Wheat 36

Rice, Barley, and Corn 41

The Olive 45

Ideas for Painting and Drawing 47

Cows 49

Butter and Bread 50

Sprouts and Herb Gardens 51

Fibers and Weaving

Introduction 53

Tapestry 57

Getting Started 59

Silk, Wool, Linen, and Cotton 59

The First Weaving Project 63

Spinning Wool 65