Table of Contents

From the book: A Collection of Golden Legends

    A Collection of

    Golden Legends





Introduction                                                                                                                         p.1


St. Francis and the Beast                                                                                                   p.3


Saint Anthony and the Fishes                                                                                           p.7


The Baal Shem Tov's First Fight Against Evil                                                             p.10


            St. Werburga and the Wild Geese                                                   p.12


            Etheldreda and the Sea                                                                    p.14


            Saint Cuthbert, the Sea, the Birds and the Otters                         p.16

                        The Birds and the Grain                                                      p.16

                        The Ravens                                                                            p.17

                        The Eagle                                                                              p.19

                        The Otters                                                                             p.20

                        The Sea                                                                                  p.21


            Saint Kevin and the Cow                                                                  p.23


            Saint Jerome's Donkey and his Lion                                              p.26


            Rumi and the Caged Bird                                                                p.30


            Saint Macarius and Hyena                                                              p.32


            Saint Ciaran and the Animals of the Forest                                   p.35


            The Giant Reprobus                                                                         p.37


            A French Legend of St. Michael the Archangel                            p.41