Table of Contents

From the book: Nature, Arithmetic, and Form Drawing with an Introduction to the Second Year

Contents: Introduction to the Second Year

Forward to the 2010 Edition                                                                             1

Introduction to the Second Year                                                                       2

The Live Education Books for the Second Year                                                 3

The Fourfold Daily Process in the Main Lesson                                                4

Example of a Typical Main Lesson and Materials Needed                                8

Main Lesson Block Rotation                                                                             9


Contents: Nature Arithmetic and Form Drawing

Introduction                                                                                                     11

The Nature Story in Relationship to Childhood Development                          11

How to Describe Nature Phenomena                                                              14

An Example of a Nature Story                                                                          15

Creating Nature Vignettes and Stories                                                              17

Nature Themes for the Second Year                                                                 19

When Mother Earth Awakens (a story)                                                             25

Math in Rhythm and Movement                                                                       28

Mental Math and Practicing Math Facts                                                            34

Visualizing Number Patterns                                                                            37

Times Tables Geometry                                                                                   40

Column Addition, Place Value and Carrying                                                    42

Column Subtraction                                                                                         45

The Hundreds Column                                                                                    46

Place Values                                                                                                    47

Math Goals for the Second Year                                                                       48

Form Drawing with Nature Stories: Eleven Activities                                       49

Mirror Symmetry Form Drawing                                                                      56

More Lesson Activities                                                                                     58

More Ribbon Forms for Practice                                                                       59