Table of Contents

From the book: Nature Science and Native American Legends

Nature Science and Native American Legends

Table of Contents


            Introduction                                                                              1

            The Main Lesson Book and Daily Lesson                                 2

            Finding  Other Appropriate Stories                                           3

The Trickster Archetype                                                           3

            Illustrations in Crayon                                                               4


Legends and Nature Science Lessons


            Hunting the Great Bear                                                             6

            The Origin of the Milky Way                                                     10

            Sosondowah and the Morning Star                                           12

            The Four Winds                                                                       15

            The Length of Winter                                                                17

            Kluskap Finds the Summer                                                       19

            Mountain Ancestor and Ik-to-mi's Blanket                                21

            Ik-to-mi, the Peacock, the Arrow and the Fawn                        22

            How Muskrat Tricked Ik-to-mi                                                26

            The Quail Tribe Fools Coyote                                                   28

            How Moose Helped the Cree                                                   30

            The Rattlesnake's Fangs                                                           32

            Second Summer                                                                       34

            The Corn Maiden                                                                     36

            The Spirit of the Corn                                                               39

            Maple Trees and Syrup                                                            41

            The Great Bird and the Strong Wind                                         43

            The Boy who became a Deer                                                    45

            How Snake Brought Rain to the Shoshone                                47

            Grandmother Spider and the Sun                                              50

            What is Strongest?                                                                    52

            The Story of Jumping Mouse                                                    54