Table of Contents

From the book: Teaching the Golden Legends - Lessons in Composition, Phonics, Cursive Writing, Painting and Modeling

Teaching Golden Legends Contents


Saints Legends: a Complementary Study to Fables                                               1

The Universal Saint in Every Culture                                                                  3

Integrating the Stories into the Calendar Year                                                     5

Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism: Social Studies                                             6

Using the Collection of Golden Legends                                                              6

Storytelling: The Lesson Presentation                                                                  7

A Typical Saint's Legend                                                                                   7

How to Transform the Story for Second Grade                                                   9

Other Story Transformations                                                                              11

Phonics for Reading and Spelling                                                                        14

Introduction to Phonics                                                                                      15

Chart of Beginnings and Endings                                                                        17

The Content of the Phonics Lessons                                                                   18

The "AY" Clan of Word Families                                                                       19

The "EE" Clan of Word Families                                                                        20

The "I" Clan of Word Families                                                                           21

The "O" Clan of Word Families                                                                         22

The "OO" Clan of Word Families                                                                       23

The "U" and "OI" Groups                                                                                 23

The "AH" and "OW" Clans                                                                               24

The Five "R" Modified Vowels                                                                          25

A Review of the Five Short Vowel Sounds                                                         26

How to Present a Lesson on Word Families                                                        27

Example One on Presenting Word Families                                                         28

Lesson Activity: the Silly Sentence Game                                                            30

Lesson Activity: A Color for Each Vowel Sound                                                 31

Lesson Activity: Family Resemblances                                                               32

Lesson Activity: Rhyming Couplets                                                                     33

Lesson Activity: A Little Spelling                                                                        34

Watercolor Painting Golden Legends                                                                  35

Beginning the First Painting                                                                                36

Painting Lessons 1 through 4                                                                              38

Painting Lesson 5                                                                                              41

Painting Lessons 6                                                                                             42

Painting Lesson 7                                                                                              43

Painting Lessons 8, 9, and 10                                                                              44

Learning Cursive Writing                                                                                   45

Cursive Writing Lesson Presentation                                                                  47

Building the Lessons According to Form                                                             48

After All of the Letters have been Introduced                                                     49

Composition Skills: Writing a Short Story with the Student                                    51

Beeswax Modeling: Saints and Animals                                                              56

Lessons for the First Week                                                                                56

Lessons for the Following Weeks                                                                       57

The Diorama                                                                                                     58

Other Sources for Stories                                                                                   60